I’ve decided to start writing a blog about various different elements of the comic book and graphic novel fandom. I’ve always been a very casual comic fan. I know what I like but I rarely fork out money for new comic books or trade paperbacks, However given the recent release of Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 I have decided to jump headfirst into the world of comic books.

I’ve decided to choose two titles from the ‘Big Two’ and I’ll also check out a few more independent comics. From DC I’m going to be following Swamp Thing and from Marvel I’ve decided to go with Daredevil. Luckily it seems both of these series had a new “Number One” quite recently (2011 is still recent, right?) so I should find it pretty easy to get up to speed. I’ll be subscribing to both, as well as picking up the relevant trade paperbacks.



I’ve chosen these two books because quite frankly I don’t know much about either superhero. I’ve got a basic idea about Daredevil. I get that he’s a street level hero, he’s blind, fights with sticks and he goes against ninja a lot. But with Swamp Thing I’m completely in the dark. I know there was a critically acclaimed Swamp Thing book back in the day but that’s it really.



I’ll be reviewing the issues as and when I get them and will also be writing general articles on the comic book world, as well as which other series and stories I’m following. I’ve always been interested in superheroes but I’ve never been as involved as this before. I’m looking forward to reading some great stories and seeing some great art.


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