I recently saw the first episode of the CW Networks show “Arrow”. I had heard of the show but hadn’t checked it out in of a classic case of judging a book by its cover. I remember seeing a trailer and turning away due to it’s seeming abundance of pretty boys. I thought the Twilight publishers were cashing in on the NolanBatman and Avenger-fuelled superhero furore. From the episode that I saw I’m happy to have been proven wrong.

Arrow seems to be a pretty dark and rather slow-burning superhero origin story. Now, I’m more of a Marvel and Dark Horse comics kind of guy. The only DC characters that I really like are Superman and Batman and the only character and rogue gallery I could speak with any confidence about is the Dark Knight of Gotham. Other than the general theme (Robin Hood) of the character, I really don’t know much about the Green Arrow. I think the only time I’ve read a story where he’s involved was his memorable appearance in The Dark Knight Returns.



Even after just one episode, I’m really looking forward to finding out more about the character. I’m already considering hunting down the most recommended graphic novels featuring the character. With the seemingly inevitable Justice League team up movie looming on the horizon, especially with Man of Steel having Christopher Nolan involvement, it might pay dividends to get ahead of the curve on some of the DC characters that I know nothing about. Which is probably 90% of them to be honest.

From what I’ve seen from the show, Oliver Queen is a likeable but clearly broken young man. The five years he spent shipwrecked on that island have done him no favours, apart from the physique, skills and reflexes. Perhaps what interests me most so far is his willingness to kill and maim in his quest, especially to protect his identity. Apart from The Punisher I haven’t really read a character like that before. Another interesting thing is the lengths he goes to to push people away or manipulate the situation he’s in to preserve his secret identity, which is clearly falling head first into the classic superhero story of “It’s not you, it’s my enemies”..



The show features some of the coolest action that I’ve seen from a TV series. Blending free running into a superhero context is brilliant and should make for some great chase scenes later down the line. The fight scenes are surprisingly meaty, featuring quite brutal close quarters action. All the classic superhero tropes are here. Oliver has a secret hideout, his own costume and even his own Alfred like character. However something that impressed me was the plot twist seen at the end of the episode, having been led to one conclusion I was surprised to see the exact opposite unfold. I’m hoping this continues.

I’m looking forward to carrying on watching the series and I’ll be back with an update if I hang in there. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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