Daniel Bryan breaks the Smackdown sound barrier

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Movies & TV

The Real Mid Card

maxresdefaultDaniel Bryan’s new aggressive streak – Source: guttwrenchpowerblog.com

I watched Smackdown last night and made some notes. Here are my thoughts. But first. I’m only 10 views away from my target of 2,000 views before the end of June 1st(which is today, in four hours). Give this post a share on Facebook or Twitter if you like it, or even a reblog. Thanks a lot for reading. Here goes.

Kane v Seth Rollins So the show opened up with a good but short match between Kane and Rollins. You can put any combination of Shield/Hell No together and it’s always gonna be at least a decent match. Rollins was selling like a master as always, but Kane got the win this time.

Roman Reigns v Daniel Bryan The other two guys got in there for the better match of the two, in my opinion. Unfortunately for D-Bry, Kane was spotted…

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