Since their shock debut at Survivor Series 2012, The Shield have been dominating the WWE. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have been bringing their unique brand of justice to the biggest stage almost non stop and at Extreme Rules 2013 in St Louis, Missouri all three members won their first WWE championships. Dean Ambrose beat the perennial mid-carder Kofi Kingston for the United States title before Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns ended the 245 day WWE Tag Team Championship reign of Team Hell No. In a growing theme of WWE, the two matches were two of the best on the show.

Since the last time I blogged about The Shield they’ve grown massively as a unit and as individuals. Each member is becoming more distinct and impressive as time goes on and each is carving his own niche in WWE.

Dean Ambrose is a lunatic. For a long time his promo style and demeanour has been compared to Heath Ledgers Joker from The Dark Knight but for me this is honestly the closest comparison, something similar in the detached chaos. In the ring and on the mic, Ambrose is absolutely manic. He’s unlike anything we’ve seen recently and a massive breath of fresh air. I’m really looking forward to seeing him as the United States champion. If handled right Ambrose could be the guy to really put that title on a pedestal. I’m anticipating a Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan feud in the near future.

Seth Rollins is a different kind of crazy. He’s the guy who takes the most risks and he’s the best pure wrestler out of the three. His flying knees and suicide dives ensure he’s always part of the highlights of the show.

When I first saw Roman Reigns, I thought “Oh, it’s WWE big guy #1717171” but he continues to impress me. He’s the heavy hitter of the three and he does the least talking but he’s often involved in the most impressive parts of their appearances. Particularly when he hits that deadly spear. There’s much more to to him than simply being a big and muscular guy.

With the Tag Team Championships now in the hands of the Shield I’m hoping to see much more competition in the tag team division. When Team Hell No first won the titles there was a period of a few weeks where they would defend the titles regularly and be one of the highlights of the show. I haven’t felt that way about Hell No in a while and I hope they’ll be breaking up after the obligatory rematch, leaving both Kane and Daniel Bryan free for great matches apart.

Whether it’s a surprise ambush through the crowd, a tactical dismantling of a rival tag-team or a great singles match The Shield continue to impress. They’re the best thing about WWE at the moment. Believe in the Shield



  1. I love the post man, and I fully agree. I expect Raw to open tonight with The Shield in the ring celebrating. Let’s make it clear what was the biggest deal about last night to most fans. Not Lesnar/HHH 3, not the no contest, The Shield!

    I do hope it freshens up the tag division, but it could go either way. The titles rarely got defended or featured often with Hell No (hence their ridiculously long reign) so with a team that are completely over and fresh, it may be on the back burner even less. I really hope not though.

    Expecting great things from Ambrose and that title though. You can’t go from unoficially becoming an established leader and taking out the biggest and best in the business (Undertaker, John Cena, etc) and then be defending against R-Truth. His victory will now force WWE into dragging some more high level talent into the mid card title picture!

    High hopes, massively high hopes!

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