Tuesday saw the release of three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V. Ever since I got a Playsation 2 when I was 11 I’ve been a huge fan of the series, it was one of the first videogame series that completely hooked me in. GTA III was a landmark game both in general and in my life. I’ve enjoyed all the GTA’s (and the cities in them) since and count Vice City as my favourite for mostly sentimental reasons but one location in particular from the series holds a special place: Los Santos, San Andreas.

For a nostalgic San Andreas fan, the Franklin trailer was like being punched in the face by Mike Tyson whilst being showered with kittens. In just under a minute and twenty seconds the viewer is dragged straight back into life in South Central Los Santos. Franklin is a young and ambitious hustler. More importantly for the nostalgic, he appears to be a member of a gang that shows the colour green.


As any GTA fan will know green was the colour used by the Grove Street Families, a gang that the player character of San Andreas, Carl “CJ” Johnson, was a member of. The return of one of the most beloved elements of that classic game is really great to see. Let me be absolutely clear here: I do not in any way, shape or form think that this is the ‘exact same’ gang that featured in San Andreas, we wont be seeing CJ, Sweet or Kendl. But that doesn’t matter in the slightest, I had so much fun with one iteration of the GSF and I’m looking forward to seeing a modern version of them.


Where there are Families, there will surely be Ballas. They’re the Bloods to the GSF Crips, their mortal enemies. The rival gang appear to be back as well, as several characters (whom we see Franklin and other green attired gang members shooting) are spotted wearing the purple colours. Other purple attired gang members are seen being arrested by the Los Santos Police Department. While it’s really cool to note that for the first time in the series the police are following full arrest procedure, what’s most interesting about the arrest is possibly what’s happening in the background of the shot. Those guys huddled in the corner? Looks a lot like police canvassing the area to me.


Aside from the return of the two gangs the new Franklin trailer also shows off some of the nightlife of GTA V as Franklin is seen dressed to the nines and also seems to be in a strip club called “Vanilla Unicorn”. There are also a few spectacular shots of what seems to be in game footage. In this footage we see a police car chase a fleeing suspect.


  1. I have been reading about GTA V all morning long at work. Me and MoJoe watched the new 3 character trailer in the studio last night and I’m actually worried that I’ll never leave the house when I get this. Tesco are doing pre-orders for £30 with this code you can get online. God I can’t wait to play it!

    Anyway, after reading literally dozens of articles and pages on it, I decided I’d write my own blog about how excited I am on my lunch break. I came on here, put in gta5 as a topic and your post came up first! So nice tagging bro! Also sick screen shots, and I too can’t wait to play as Franklin. I’m most excited about the stuff specific to him and hopefully the Grove area! We need to have a marathon or five when it’s out.

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